Conference: LVIII Annual Conference of the Anglo-Catalan Society

“The Illness of the Environment: Nature, Culture and Human Life in The Time of the Doves”. LVIII Annual Conference of the Anglo-Catalan Society, University of Sheffield. Sheffield, 9-11 November 2012.

I analyse in The Time of the Doves how the experience of the war goes beyond the narrator’s subjective perception and it involves all her surroundings.  First of all, I analyse the relation between war and the destruction of material and espiritual goods. Then, culture will be considered as a whole, that is, englobing both human parts: material and espiritual ones, and its relation to the environment.An important part of this analisys is the symbolic language because through it the author widely achieves the unity between Natàlia’s individual point of view and the universal meaning that simbology allows. Thus, a novel with a unique narrator perspective becomes one of common experience. Through narrator’s language, her personal experience of the war acquires a cosmologycal meaning, and it is through this characteristic that The Time of the Doves becomes  universal.

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